The HARCON Project Financing and Management Facility (HPFMF) is a facility that provides a gateway of services in support of financing and support to projects in several sectors. The facility is designed as a 360 degree one stop shop project financing and ancillary services solution. Through our listed counterparts, we provide an innovative end to end integrated solution to raise and deliver financing for projects and provide ancillary support services to ensure success over the project lifecycle. The range of services offered in this facility includes:

  • Executive Summary and Business Plan Preparation
  • Sourcing of Provision of Financing
  • Project Management Services
  • Sourcing of Project Insurance Coverage
  • Consultancy

Project Funding Scope

Financing can be raised for projects in the following sectors :

  • Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • Technology 
  • Manufacturing / Specialty Production
  • Real Estate Development                         
  • Infrastructure

  • Hotel Development                                                
  • Mining
  • Renewable Energy                                                
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation                                                        
  • Environmental and Renewables