Deep track – Device info

  • Captures 50+ parameters of devices (dongles & mobiles) for operators to apply into business benefits
  • Captures browsing behavior, critical network parameters, device settings which help in targeting campaigns
  • Single solution for all OTA / FOTA / DM / EIR
  • Supports mobile handsets with Android, Blackberry & Windows platforms
  • Tracking of network locked and open market data dongles
  • Enables significantly enhanced security for mobile financial services

One API Gateway

  • One API Gateway is a comprehensive Telco API management platform that offers controlled access of APIs from Telco network assets and resources to trusted third party in a secure, robust and highly scalable environment
  • This gateway integrates with legacy core SMSC, voice, charging , bill payment, location, MMSC, subscription engine, USSD gateway etc.
  • Significant reduction in operating cost for network equipment and customer support
  • Reduces AHT /TEM
  • Single point service configuration on telco nodes

USSD Next for CDMA

  • WPITS patent product. Breakthrough technological innovation to enable USSD on CDMA networks
  • USSD Phase I and Phase II Support (special characters @,!,#,$,%,&,* etc supported)
  • Unified gateway for hybrid operation (GSM / CDMA)
  • Platform offers end to end delivery of USSD messages across CDMA 1X & 2X networks
  • Push and pull VAS services for revenue generation USSD self-care portal can be enabled

Mobi Wallet

  • World Phone Mobi Wallet solution is comprehensive platform with features like Cash-in, Cash-out, Fund Transfer, Bill Pay, Prepaid Recharge, Ticketing and Merchant Payments.
  • Highly Secure with banking standard encryptions. Additionally, Device Info module can detect and report SIM cloning
  • Integrations with Banking Systems like CBS, ATM Network, POS Network and Telco systems
  • Enables all user interfaces like SMS, USSD, Mobile App and Web. Supports NFC and QR code based transactions

BZEEB OTT Chat Solution

  • BZeeB OTT chat solution offers seamless voice interaction, chat services and file sharing features to users.
  • Supports text, voice images, videos, excel, word, PPT & PDF
  • Platform to promote VAS services and bundled services to users, Customized as per operator’s requirement
  • High quality voice experience for VOIP calls Group chat, location sharing is the part of offering

Telco SDP

  • WPITS SDP offers functionalities like multi content downloading, streaming media, subscriber device management, open configurable interfaces with triple play functionality for mobile, PC and TV content acquisition and delivery.
  • Portal framework – seamless presence on WAP/ Web / ODPs
  • End to end content lifecycle management from ingestion to expiry
  • Carrier grade performance and scalability & Flexible content packaging & pricing


  • WPITS CRBT platform also has a built-in profile manager which keeps records of the user's subscription details like start of subscription, subscription plan, subscription renewal, tone subscription and tone renewal
  • Built-in subscription manager can be seamlessly integrated to a third party subscription engine
  • The platform also offers additional functionalities like enabling downloads, creating song shuffle pools, start and end the services as desired
  • The service discovery and activation/deactivation can be enabled via several access technologies like Web, Wap, SMS, IVR or USSD

Social Media on USSD

  • Platform allows users of both feature and smart phones to access social media without internet
  • User friendly menu to check feeds, update status and write post in real time
  • Service useful for countries where internet infrastructure is not very developed

Internet Search on SMS & USSD

  • Helpful to users when there is no internet connection available
  • Internet search on USSD and SMS will cater both GSM and CDMA users
  • An inbuilt AI enables search using regular spoken English, no need to remember keywords

BZeeB OTT Chat for Enterprise

  • BZeeB is an innovative OTT communication solution for enterprises enabling full-fledged mobility while enabling secured, closed loop, internal communication channel using mobile devices
  • Onsite and field staff in remote locations anywhere globally can use the platform and benefit with instant communication
  • Extremely cost effective and works on existing mobile devices
  • Instant multimedia internal communication. Supports text, voice images, videos, excel, word, PPT & PDF

Nearby LBS Suite

  • World Phone utilizes satellite positioning, indoor positioning; network based positioning in its LBS architecture.
  • WPITS LBS comprises of location tracker, GEO map and applications which are available in the portal and mobile apps form Field Force Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management solutions enabled
  • Both satellite and Offline tracking through cell ID and appropriation through MAP if API exposed
  • Push Pull LBS services


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At HARCONtech we have years of experience dealing with Microsoft Exchange Server architecture.  We can design, build or maintain your Exchange Infrastructure for you


We offer a full range of System consultancy Services

System Security

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