HARCON Outsourcing Services - Pricing

Accessing specialized non-core skills and services to improve efficiency and profitability in your business is easier than ever. Harcon business process outsourcing solutions for small and medium sized companies is the solution for you.

Financial Services
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Individual Services
  • Book Keeping – Recording of all income and expenses
  • Preparation of Monthly Income and Expenditure Statements
  • Preparation of Year End Balance Sheet
  • Preparation of Fixed Asset Register (Preparation)
  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register
  • Reconciliation of Clients Accounts (For Ongoing Services e.g Small Cable Operator, Skybox etc) – 1-10 Clients
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Statements
  • Valuation of Business Service
  • VAT Clearance Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • NIS Compliance Certificate
  • Annual Return (Company Registry) Preparation and Filing
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Filing (Current Year)
  • Individual Tax Return