The financial services sector has become increasingly complex.  In particular, the face of banking is changing rapidly.  Competitive forces from traditional and non-traditional sources are constantly being organized in order to capture increased market share and customer loyalty.  Globalization, mass communication and advertising have created, as a by-product, fundamental shifts in customer value expectations.  The industry is further complicated by the proliferation of modern banking and related products and services.  Additionally, current legal and regulatory authorities are advocating that the frontline financial service providers be qualified in order to effectively serve clients.  Faced with a host of choices, customers require expert advice and direction from their banking professional.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Business Objectives and Customer Service Strategy
  • Service Excellence
  • Creating a Sales Culture
  • The Action Plan
  • Problem Solving and Critical thinking in Recovering from Sales Underperformance
  • Designing the Performance Management Appraisal
  • Upselling and Cross Selling Strategies
  • Prospecting and Client Situation Assessment
  • The Power of Referrals – How to Build out a Referral Network
  • Product Knowledge
  • Creating a Sales and Service Statement

Target Audience

Banking and Financial Managers
Sales Personnel
Consultants and Practitioners

About The Facilitator

Ermath Nicholas Harrington is an International Business Consultant, Founder and Managing Director of HARCON an institutional and capacity building consulting firm based in Trinidad and Tobago. He has diverse consulting experience in the public, civil society and private sector of the Caribbean and beyond. His consulting experience covers strategic planning, performance management, project management, process re-engineering and research. This is augmented by his formal training at the Master’s Level in International Relations. He is a specialist in the Balanced Scorecard Strategic Performance Management Framework.