Industrial Relations cover all aspects of the employment relationship and is growing more and more in importance as a strategic management function. The purpose of this training is to prepare managers and supervisors with the skills necessary to engage trade unions, take disciplinary action, administer the grievance procedure, set up systems to give employees voice and avoid trade union interventions, and reduce the risk of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in court awards to employees. The training will also equip the company in promoting management rights.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is Industrial Relations
  • Conducting disciplinary hearings
  • Administering the Grievance Procedure
  • Management Rights and Employee Responsibility
  • The role of the Industrial Court
  • A review of Industrial Court judgments
  • Managing workplace conflict
  • Case studies on workplace disputes
  • The legal framework of IR
  • The International Labour Organisation
  • Employment rights and interests
  • Contract vs Permanent employees

Target Audience

HR Managers
Consultants and Practitioners

About The Facilitator

Newton George is a scholar practitioner in the in the disciplines of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations with over eighteen (18) years experience. He has done work for the major companies in oil and gas, electricity, telecommunications, water, and manufacturing. Mr. George is a principal consultant with the Employers’ Consultative Association, the body most representative of employers in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. George formerly held the positions of Head Industrial Relations at TSTT, Industrial Relations Manager at NP, and Lecturer (Industrial Relations) at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and Rotec. Mr. George possesses a BSc Sociology, PgDip (HRM), and LLB (Hons).