Launch Of Our New Website

Launch Of Our New Website

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design after almost a full year in development! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up.

Around last Christmas we came with the idea to re-design our entire website. Admittedly, the company was a little bit shy to the idea at first because we knew what a large undertaking it would be. To completely re-design, re-create, and move everything and everyone over to a new design and code base was a huge learning experience, for sure. And it has helped us grow as business owners and partners in general by leaps and bounds.

A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. Most of all, we wanted to help our clients get to know us better. If you take a gander around the site I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do as a company. StaygeDesigns took care of the design and everything you see here from a design perspective. And we do recommend them to any of our clients. They are easy to work with and are very professional, “well done StaygeDesigns!!!”

We are excited to have our new site up and running and we feel confident that our website has the ability to provide you with up-to-date reliable information.

As always, if you have any questions or need help you can contact us at [email protected].

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